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Seven factors effect router WiFi signal coverage

In the wireless router tests, we know, Wi-Fi signal strength will have a direct impact on the network transfer rate. If the signal quality is too low gives the most intuitive feeling is Suman and cards. In fact, Wi-Fi hot spots in addition to the signal difference (AP or wireless router) is the problem itself, but also subject to a number of other factors, below are seven main factors:

1.   Too far away
We know that the wireless router is a certain coverage, the device farther away from the router's signal quality will be worse off, relatively speaking, so when the Internet is in the best coverage of the wireless router will usually have a better signal quality. If the distance from the wireless hotspot too far, but also buy a wireless repeater to enlarge the search to a known wireless hotspot signal, although wireless transmission rate will be reduced by half, but the Internet, then it is enough.

2.  Indoor complex pattern, thick wall
Wireless router coverage is tested under ideal conditions no obstacles out. However, actual use, Wi-Fi signal across the load-bearing walls, glass, or when the water will cause a significant attenuation of the signal, the higher the frequency attenuation and more obvious, that is to say the ability to signal through the wall of weaker than 2.4GHz 5GHz If there are multiple indoor rooms and thicker more solid wall, the wireless signal is reduced by half or more than two-thirds of normal. Consider this scenario either connect a wireless AP or wireless router mode by pulling the network cable, you can also use the power modem with AP function.

3.  Placement of the router
Wireless routers are using the built-in or external antenna product line, so the antenna as the center, surrounded by the strongest signal, the weakest effect up and down, that wireless coverage upstairs or downstairs destined to be a cup, even the so-called " Villa-class "wireless router, the effect is not obvious. However, in the same room, place the wireless router when making coverage area can be maximized through the best position is in the center of the experimental house

4.  Low gain antennas
Directional and omni-directional antennas are divided into two types, currently used on routers are omnidirectional antennas. Early wireless router equipped with a basic 2dbi gain antenna, wireless router and now are basically equipped with two or three of 5dbi antenna, the signal coverage and effectiveness is increased there is an effective, but do not walk into " the number of multi-antenna signal necessarily good number of antenna signal less certain poor "misunderstanding.

5. Router transmit power is low
According to state regulations, the transmission power of the wireless router can not be higher than 100mW. Now the market Some routers default transmit power is only 80%, so we can try to increase the transmission power of the appropriate way to improve the quality of coverage of the wireless signal, but the signal radiation increases. Although there is no evidence that adversely affect Wi-Fi signal radiation harmful to human, but for the elderly, children and pregnant women and other special groups still have to pay attention to as well. In addition, some wireless router wireless power amplifier module section is not, it can lead to poor coverage and signal quality.

6. Signals around interference
Most wireless routers now operating frequency is 2.4GHz, coupled with the current popularity of wireless router, so we often found around two or more wireless hotspots. However, work in this band a lot of products, such as a wireless keyboard and mouse and a microwave, and a 2.4GHz only three channels do not overlap, so it is susceptible to interference, resulting in poor signal quality, network transmission rate slow situation. Therefore, the fundamental way to solve only upgrade to 5GHz wireless router and wireless card upgrade equipment, but it will also bring increased purchase costs.

7. The terminal receives low sensitivity
In fact, many times the signal quality is poor equipment (such as mobile phones, laptops, etc.) caused by the wireless network module. By volume of the device, the power and antenna gain effect the device, resulting in the ability to receive wireless signals of these products is also different.

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